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S. Keene
I have created this new journal due to some issues with my old one that I felt needed to be eliminated. If you know who I am, great, friend me, and i'll friend you back. If you can't figure it out, you don't need to be on this list.

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people who didn't enjoy Tron Legacy are stupid. that is all.
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This is funny.

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Japan.. What?!
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Silly Joke, slightly risque, I guessCollapse )
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there are days when I feel like this.
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if you didnt see this on my facebook you should probably watch it.

I cannot stop listening to this, it's almost scary.
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1) I was born 3 months premature. I looked like a tiny hairless monkey and I then had a brain hemmhorrage, you know because things were'nt quite interesting enough for the doctors or my parents. I was supposed to have mental retardation and poor motor skills. Wait, I guess that came true.
2) Someday, I would like to be Batman.
3) When they start asking for brain computer alpha testers I am in there like a dirty shirt.
4) I wish I spoke french, despite hating the language immensely.
5) I wish I had a solid degree of musical talent.
6) I've never been out of north america.
7) I can bullshit my way through almost all situations. It's a gift.
8) Further to #7, even though I can, I sometimes wish I had the actual knowledge to deal with things rather than resorting to BS.
9) I swear far more than is probably healthy.
10) I don't believe in the idea of a "god" per se, though I do strongly believe in Karma and the idea of an infinite intelligence out there somewhere.
11) I don't feel bad about electronic piracy.
12) I think guns are cool.
13) I daydream a *lot*. The content varies on a regular basis.
14) I wish I could sing.
15) I met my wife on the internet and I don't care what anyone thinks
16) I don't enjoy drinking because I don't deal well with loss of control
17) I am somewhat agoraphobic.
18) If I could just stick to a routine, I would be underwear model hot, except im lazy, so I guess I stick with being pilsbury doughboy warm.
19) There are people from my past I miss but whom at the same time I sort of want to destroy, and it's a weird sort of push/pull situation.
20) I still talk to my grade 1 teacher.
21) I miss the days of staying up til 3am and playing video games. These days I'm lucky to make it past 9.
22) I wish I'd gone to university for real. I went for a few months, and it was a waste of a bunch of money, but boy did I have fun.
23) I wish I knew more about my family history, and one of these days I should visit Slovakia.
24) I can't wait to see Chernobyl.
25) I am jealous of people who can breakdance.

I'm not tagging anyone because this thing has more than made it's way around the internet like twice
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