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stevekeene's Journal

S. Keene
24, annoying you, aquariums, art, backflips, bad movies, baldness, batman, beatmatching, bebopping, being bitten, biting, bloom county, blue beetle, blue hair, boobs, booster gold, breakbeats, bruce timm, canada, candy, cars, challengers, challenges, chicago, civics, clothing, comics, composing, cookie thievery, cooking, culture, daft motherfucking punk, dancing, david mamet, dc comics, debt, demo teams, drawing, drum and bass, edmonton, educating, electronic music, explosions, falling, fire, fish, friends, frou frou, funking, girls with glasses, glasses, glitchcore, graphic design, green arrow, grooving, guitar, gunkata, guns, hockey, hospitality, house music, ignoring everything, immaturity, individuality, industrial, intolerance, investing, japan, jenny jenn jenn, justice league, kendo, kicking, kilowatts, kmfdm, knives, kung fu, learning, martial arts, marvel comics, midnight brown, milwaukee, money, movies, music, mutual funds, nachoes, neurolinguistics, ninjas, nunchucks, octopedes, orchestras, overreacting, piano, piercings, piracy, poetry, pornography, prefuse 73, psylocybin, punching, punching stupids, raver girls, reading, remixing, responsibility, robots, rock climbing, romy and/or michelle, rowing, sammiches, shotguns, sleep, sparring, style, sweeping, swimming, swords, synths, tattoos, techno, tequila, the shield, the suburban all-stars, the unit, theft, tradecraft, trance, travelling, tripping, turntablism, underreacting, video games, vigilantism, vodka, walking, water boxing, way out west, whiskey, writing, zombies